Process for Grades Pre-K – Kindergarten (when they click on the process for grades pre-K-Kindergarten)

Children must be 4 years old by September 30th to enter Pre-K or 5 years old by September 30th to enter Kindergarten.  A child’s birthday is always viewed in the full context of developmental maturity and will include physical, emotional and social development as well as academic readiness. 

_ Complete online Application and pay the $200 Registration Fee  

The following items need to be uploaded to the parent portal or submitted directly to the office:

-  Kindergarten Health Assessment  

- Pastor Reference 

Confidential Student Evaluation  

- Student Picture

- Schedule an Assessment  and On-Campus Play Date– After an application has been received along with the Birth Certificate and Immunization Record, an Assessment will be scheduled for  Kindergarten students and a Play Date & Assessment for Pre-K students. 

- Complete all online forms on online enrollment

- Completed Student files will be reviewed by an Administrator.  You will be contacted once the records review  has been completed.  If there are no concerns, you will be invited to start the Enrollment Checklist.

 The Enrollment Checklist consists of the following:

- Birth Certificate

- Immunization Record

- Enrollment Contract

- Complete all online forms

- Enroll into FACTS Management- All families are required to enroll into FACTS Management.   

- Schedule Family Interview – The interview is with our Head of School, Mrs. Peters.  We ask that both  parents and the student be in attendance. (All checklist items must be completed before the interview may be scheduled.)