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Admissions FAQ

Q: How is your school accredited?

     Fayetteville Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancED.

Q:  In terms of admissions criteria, what is most important?

      The student and at least one parent with whom the student resides must be in full agreement with the FCS Statement of Faith and have received Jesus Christ as their Savior. The parent and student must regularly fellowship in a local faith based, Bible believing church.  The student must have at least a C average and be in good standing at his/her previous school.

Q: Why do I need a pastor reference?

     We are a ministry to Christian families who want to partner with us in providing a Christian education for their child.  We do not want to be an alternative to public school and accept families whose home life is not consistent with a Biblical lifestyle.  Therefore we want to ensure that all of our families  make it a priority to be involved at some level in a local church.  In cases where there are special circumstances that prevent or make it difficult to attend a church, the Headmaster may waive this requirement.

Q:How do you address the variety of academic strengths and challenges of individual students?

    Our school believes Christ has created each child uniquely and our teachers utilize a variety of teaching strategies to engage students and maximize their learning styles and support their learning needs. We have resource teachers available to help existing students with diagnosed learning disabilities to develop academic skills and apply instructional strategies.  There is an extra fee for these resources.

Q:  Do you offer Advanced Placement courses?

    We have 9 AP classes and 12 Honors classes in core content areas.   Please view our high school curriculum under academics on our website.  (HS Curriculum)

Q: Does your school require uniforms?

     Yes, we offer a variety of shirts, jackets and sweatshirts to choose from in our school store on campus or through our online vendor.   Pants, shorts, skirts, etc. are not provided and may be purchased from local department stores in the colors navy or khaki.  See Student handbook for dress code details. (Dress Code)

Q: Do most of your student attend college?

    We are a college preparatory school. Over  95% of our students go on to attend a four year college or university,  many are awarded scholarships for academics.  The senior class of 2022 was awarded more than $2.78 million in scholarships and awards. 

Q: Do you participate in Duke Tip?

    Yes, our students participate Duke Talent Identification Program for 4th– 7th grades.  Our students perform well on these national standardized tests.

Q: What is the teacher/student ratio in your classes?

     In Pre-K the class size is 18, with two teachers.  In kindergarten the class size is 21, with two teachers.  In first grade the class size is 22 with two teachers and in grades 2-12, the class size can go up to 24. 

Q:  What kinds of experiences outside the classroom will my child have?

    Elementary students can participate in field trips,  Spanish,  cheerleading, band and music programs. In the junior and senior high, we offer an array of sports, clubs and student activities.  Class trips are taken to many historic places.  We offer drama, National Honor Society, Right to Life, Student Council, a mentoring program, band, chorus, Spanish club, and offer several community service projects throughout the year.


Q: Should my child misbehave, how are discipline matters handled?

A: Teachers use age appropriate measures to correct behavior.  In the elementary school, speaking to the child, conferencing with the parent, giving time-out, loss of playtime, running laps etc.  In extreme cases to include biting, hitting, profanity and rock throwing, students are sent to the office.   If an offense is repeated the principal will call the parent.  It is also highly recommended for parents to read the Student Handbook with their children regarding disciplinary policies.  

Q: Why would I want my children at FCS over another Christian School?

A: Fayetteville is blessed to have several good Christian schools, we have been here for over 35 years and have an established record of academic and athletic success.  Our spiritual climate and student discipleship programs are excellent.  Our overall school climate is accepting and nurturing.  Academically our students excel and are challenged. 

Q: What are the school hours?

A: Elementary  (Pre-K – 5th ):  8:00 a.m. -2:30 p.m.

     Junior High/High School (6th- 12th): 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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