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Host Family Program for International Students


New Oasis International Education and Fayetteville Christian School work in partnership to provide nurturing and supportive host homes for our international students.

New Oasis places international students studying abroad into private high school education programs and assists them in their transition into American academics and culture. The New Oasis host family program is innovating the way people understand the homestay experience. At New Oasis, homestay is not about renting a room in an American house, it’s about joining an American family. By saying “yes” to the experience and being open-minded in understanding that families come in all shapes and sizes and that students come from different countries, we can foster a global understanding through the cross-cultural exchange that takes place between a student and family.



Our host families are supported by a robust Homestay 360 service team that guides host families throughout their time hosting a student.

While hosting a student, host families can expect:

  • a dedicated New Oasis student coordinator located in the local community to assist host families with issues, check-ins and always be a phone call away if needed.

  • a monthly financial stipend to cover the cost of the international student’s living, food, entertainment, etc.

  • New Oasis to screen local students prior to placement, ensuring a high-quality match.

  • New Oasis to match students and host families based on interests.

  • Students to be able to speak and understand English well enough for everyday communication.monthly communication with New Oasis.

*Military families that have various levels of security clearance or families that live on post are still able to host.

Next Steps


If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a host home, or know of a family that might be interested, our local New Oasis Student Coordinator, Jennifer Fullagar will be happy to talk with you. You may contact Jennifer at

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