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Parent Testimonials

The Mitchell Family

"FCS has proven to be a godly, friendly, and safe environment for my son and the rest of our family. As a mom sending her oldest to school for the first time, I was unsure how he would respond to this new environment. But when I picked him up from school after his first day, all of my worries were gone because he absolutely loved his class and teachers and was excited to go again!

His Pre-K teachers (Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Mcken) are excellent at their job. The students are always doing fun, artistic, and hands on activities that keep them motivated and excited to learn. I love how big events are family oriented and was glad to have the opportunity to accompany the class on their first field trip and bring snacks for various special days. Show-and-tell days are my son's favorite, he loves going through his belongings to find items that fit the week's letter, number, and color.

Most importantly, I am most pleased with my son's growing knowledge of the Bible and  his improved understanding of God's expectations of his behavior. I have consistently heard him explaining to his younger sister, and others, about the importance of pleasing God through our actions and it brings my heart so much joy.

If you are considering investing in a Private Christian school, know that FCS will yield a great return. We are pleased with our decision to attend and look forward to building a long relationship with this body of believers."

The Martin Family

"Being a military we are constantly moving every two years. This isn’t our first time in the area. But coming from NY about 4 days before school started in NC Mrs Pauley and the staff were amazing, accommodating and understanding. We had been out of school In NY for about 2 Weeks. I literally put my son on the plane the night before school started. Myself and my husband weren’t able to make it at the time but my mom filled in my place. The staff at Fayetteville Christian was so understanding and helping. Fayetteville Christian was THE Best choice for the Martin Family!"

The Wagner Family

"The primary reason our daughter switched from her other school to Fayetteville Christian was due to the fact her previous school was not welcoming to new students. This was completely different at FCS as she felt FCS was very welcoming to new students. There were so many military kids who attend there that there were not as many kids who have grown up together most of their lives. FCS had a beach event where new students got a chance to meet other students and she really liked it.
 As a parent, I really like FCS. I like the upfront discussion about money/tuition and priorities of the school so I do not feel like I am being nickeled and dimed every time I turn around. I also like the Christian atmosphere and genuine people I interact with every time I go to FCS. I like the policies which are strict; however, not over the top unreasonable. I really like how FCS encourages and helps their students get scholarships but most of all we have confidence that she is getting a top notch, Christian- based education from people who really care about their students.


Student Testimonials

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