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How to Give
Fayetteville Christian School is grateful to its parents, alumni, grandparents and friends for their generous and faithful support. The ongoing support from generous givers continues to enable the school to be true to its mission. FCS can take monetary donations using Paypal and also through Facebook. Below you will find several other ways in which you can give back to FCS. 


We are currently involved in several fundraising campaigns. Have a birthday coming up or simply enjoy reaching out to your social media community? You can donate your status to the Fayetteville Christian School Facebook page and set up a fundraiser!

The links below are for three of our more prominent ways in which you can give back to the school while you shop for your families. 
Print this form off and return it to the office

Use this link when shopping on and the school will receive a portion of the proceeds.

Order here for all of your labeling needs and to support our FCS Band Program

Gifts of Cash
Gifts of cash, including checks, may be deducted up to 50% of your adjusted gross income in a given year. Cash gifts are transferred on the date they are hand-delivered or mailed to the School. 

Gifts of Property
A gift of real estate to Fayetteville Christian School provides a charitable deduction for the full market value of the gift-up to 30% of your adjusted gross income-if you have had it for more than one year. You are not liable for capital gains on the appreciated value of the property, except in those few cases where the alternative minimum tax is applied. 

Donations of artwork, computers, books, equipment, and furniture can provide helpful additions to Fayetteville Christian School. Before making a gift of tangible personal property, however, please consult the School to confirm that your gift can be used as you wish, while also meeting Fayetteville Christian School's needs. 

Gifts of tangible personal property entitle you to a deduction of the property's full fair market value-up to 30% of your adjusted gross income-as long as the object is related to the Academy's educational purpose and you have held it for more than one year. 
Gift of Securities
Giving stocks and bonds that have increased in value (and that you have owned for more than one year) provides even greater tax benefits than giving cash. Not only is the market value of the securities deductible (subject to applicable limitations), but you also avoid paying the capital gains tax on the appreciation. 

The easiest way to transfer securities is to have your broker contact our Development Office at (910) 483-3905. The School will communicate its wishes to sell immediately all stocks or bonds, which are transferred into the School's name. The broker then sends the proceeds from the sale directly Fayetteville Christian. A gift of securities is considered complete when the shares are received in the School's account. 

Another way to transfer securities is to send the actual certificates to the School by registered mail, and under separate cover, a signed stock power with your signature guaranteed. A gift made this way is considered complete as of the postmarked date of mailing. 

Securities that have decreased in market value still make a beneficial gift to Fayetteville Christian School. First sell the securities then give the School the cash proceeds. You can deduct your capital loss to offset capital gains realized in the year the gift is made. 

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